What is PWA Casino and why should I care?

PWA stands for Progressive Web App and we are here to explain you everything about it. Progressive Web Apps are the latest and cutting edge technology for building applications which works flawlessly across IOS and Adroid devices and all smartphones and tablets.

We are here to explain you everything about PWA casino sites. Progressive Web Apps are the latest and cutting edge technology for building desktop and mobile applications. This new type of apps is meant to work across both IOS and Adroid flawlessly. As a concept PWAs were created by Apple as an alternative to the AppStore. Since the initial concept Google has taken the lead in developing and releasing various browser capabilities which to support the development of progressive web applications.

PWA Casino Apps explained

When we are talking about online casinos we are usually seeing the same old approach. We rarely find an online casino which is trying to contribute significantly to the end user experience. Usually the focus goes to game selection, casino bonuses and acceptable usability which matters the most.

What you can expect from a PWA Online Casino?

PWA casinos are having a tremendous edge against all others and that’s mainly because of the improved usability, speed and overall convenience. So here is what you might get:

  • Blazing Fast – A well build PWA casino site will give you initial load times under ~3 seconds! And a repeated view under ~1 second! Nobody has time to waste so definitely this is one of most important benefit.
  • Installable App – that’s right. You can easily install the app of a PWA Online Casino and enjoy native experience without the need to get it downloaded by any of the app stores.
  • Secure – PWA apps work over HTTPS in order to prevent threat and vulnerability.
  • Greatly Responsive – Even with native apps you can sometimes find yourself in a situation where the app looks great on your smartphone but doesn’t play well with your tablet. With PWAs you get responsiveness across all your mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • 3G & Slow Network – Sometimes you want to make a couple of spins but your are on a 3G network and nothing runs. Well, PWA solves that as well, as the application is tremendously small and blazing fast.

Why you should care?

Everything sounds great, probably a bit techie but you still wonder what is the difference from player perspective? Put simply, play your favourite online slots and casino games. Leave the PWA minimise the potential glitches and give you load times which reduce any waiting frustration.

On a side note, installing the PWA online casino app you will be the first in line to hear about the latest promotions and bonuses. Most importantly you don’t miss your private offers, cashbacks and rewards.

Tested PWA Casinos

We keep a constant eye on all new online casinos which gets launched and their technology stack. In case we find one we like, we put it to the test. All online casinos we list are heavily tested and goes through a massive checklist. You can read more about how we do it here. If you want to jump straight to the action, CasinoSinners is the one we like the most. Read through our CasinoSinners review and available bonuses up for grabs.

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