Innovative Casino Bonuses

That’s the topic we like the most. Innovation is what drives progress usually, however the casino industry fall behind that statement. Innovative casino bonuses are the hot thing nowadays with online casinos. We keep searching and digging for such, meanwhile get yourself familiar with what those are.

Free Spins

As previously mentioned in this section related to bonuses, the free spins can be used as that well for acquisition of players as well as for retention purposes and they are part of the promotional arsenal of the casinos. It is very important to make a clear separation between the free spins that player receive from the slot game itself and the free spins that casino brands grant to players as promotional initiative. In the case where free spins came from the slot itself, the player can clearly see that upon scoring a certain combination of scatter symbols they unlock free spins. Alternatively the collection of certain symbols will bring the free spins. In some casinos, the Free Spins are called Bonus Spins in order to avoid the confusion with the free spins coming whiting the game.

Gem note: And we hope as many players as possible experience the thrill of getting free spins, and in the free spins you get several rounds of additional free spins. Well, guys, I believe that this is the cherry on top of the cherry of the Sunday awesomeness called “gimme that juicy payout” 🙂

Bonus Spins

Essentially the Bonus Spins are Free Spins as mainly referenced and promoted in all online casino brands. In some online casinos, in order to avoid confusion, bonus spins term is introduced to differ them from the free spins coming from the slots themselves.

Innovative Casino Bonuses by

Variable Free Rounds

The free rounds is a variation of the bonus and free spins, ideally they come on a specific provider such as QuickSpin or Booongo Games. Some of the well progressing casino game studios, have the possibility to offer players Bonus/Free spins to player. The particularity is that the player can choose the stakes of these spins and experience the slot game before making up his mind to deposit and chase the big win.

Feature Triggers

This is what a promotional tool that casino brands are using when they want to be generous. In some games from providers like Quickspin, you can be eligible for Free/Bonus Spins upon an action you are asked to undertake, then the spins come surprisingly after your next natural spin.

Rebate Bonus – You Play, Casinos Pay

Rebate bonus is a rare form of incentivising the players. It is very typical for players which are spinning frequently and are making huge volumes of bets with any kind of stakes. In is very often seen in Asian facing casino brands that they offer certain percentage on top of the amount of the best you make. It is in the range of 1-2% it really depends on your style of  gameplay, frequency and stakes. It is considered as generous incentive as it awards directly your bets, regardless of the results. Bundle up, lock it up this is going to be a doozy one and we have one..:)

Top Up Winnings

Make ten bets with bet amount 10 EUR and we are going to give you 100 % on top of the winnings of these particular bets. This is a form of promotion that you rarely will see around. And the reason behind that is very simple.

Gem note: The limitation around bonusing and interesting ways of incentivising the player lies down what kind of platform the casino brands have based their operations. I am sure you have asked yourselves why all you see around is deposit bonus oriented offers and free spins. The answer is simple: In order to have Innovative Casinos Bonuses and bonus let’s say large amount of players in real time operators need to have the proper infrastructure and instruments. Long gone are the days when tens of people are manually crediting bonuses on the next day of the promo.

We are collaboration with casino brand, where casino bonuses are credited in real-time and tend to be fair and transparent when it comes to wagering requirements

Daily Missions

With the introduction of gamification, some of the casino brands introduced the so called daily missions. Players are presented with three daily mission to spin hundred times in certain game, to win 5 times in certain game or to play certain amount of time. All these tasks are awarded either with free spins in similar game or with bonus money.


Tournaments come in different forms depending on the casino brand. In most of the casinos tournaments are mainly driven and delivered via certain game studio such as Quickspin, Playson, Pragmatic, Booongo Games or any other. The reason for that is that, again, most of the online casinos out there are run on platforms that lack the marketing capacity to organise a tournament with mixed portfolio of games. A form of tournament could be win 20 times in certain game and this action will give you 10 points, or for every €10 EUR bets you get 1 point. Accumulated point will push you up in the scoreboard. The winners usually get a share from the prize pool.


Challenges are type of promotional activities mainly driven by certain casino studios. Premium online casinos which offer Quickspin can lure players into a world of challenges and interesting characters.

Quickspin Challenges are a seasonal themed retention tool designed to offer some extra excitement on our slots.

It is a mini-game that is being displayed on top of our slot games, and the gameplay of this is fuelled by the outcome of spins from the slots game. This proudly wins a spot in our innovative casino bonuses category. Players need to get a character through the maze to a prize. The character moves towards the prize automatically when a pathway is generated

Achievements Races

Another promotional feature that casino game studio Quickspin offers is achievement races

Achievement Races help to put the spotlight on our Achievements module. For a set period, the operator can choose to have the progress towards all achievements on the chosen game(s) to be hastened by 200, 300 or 400%.

Whenever any of the events relevant to the achievements occur, the player will receive +2, +3 or +4 (instead of the normal +1) as their progression.

Lottery Tickets

Online casinos organise a lotteries among their players in order to stimulate more turnover or ask the players to collect wins or make deposits. In exchange for that, players receive lottery tickets. The more you play, the more tickets for the lottery you receive, the greater the chance to win.

Think Before You Ink

Bonuses and especially innovative casino bonuses bring a bold promise for all new players. We would like to remind you, that casinos are in the business of making cash for their owners. Some of the best bonuses out there are tailored to appeal to a broad audience rather than reward gambling skill and foresight. All in all, though, what we are trying to achieve here is to bring you offers that you can’t find anywhere else but on And if you are more of the recreational player sort, then there is no shame in that either, we have got you covered! Always budget your game play, if you are on the losing strike, take a break and try another day. Play responsibly and if ain’t fun any more just take a break.

In our recap, there is no need to mention that retention casino bonuses and random bonus drops are the things which gets us excited. In our casino review sections you will find a hand picked and tested online casinos. Guaranteed those will give you action packed experience and constant bonus action. CasinoSinners is our all time favourite for now with their innovative casino bonuses. Willing to jump straight to the action – register with them here and don’t forget to install their PWA App!

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